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Rate Example #1

$1M/2 Million Garage Liability
$5,000 Medical Expense $100,000 Garagekeepers
$100,000 Contents & Tools
Loss of Income Included
ONLY $728.00* Per Year!
Rate Example #2

$300/900,000 Garage Liability
$300,000 Uninsured Motorists
$90,000 Open Lot Coverage
$25,000 Business Contents
$10,000 Medical Payments
ONLY $2,856.00* Per Year!
Rate Example #3

$500,000 Garage Liability
$50,000 Garagekeepers
$15,000 Business Contents
$10,000 Tools
Loss of Income Included
ONLY $591.00* Per Year!
(*Rates vary by exposure and territory. Several factors go into the rate, such as the age of building, amount
of coverage, prior claims, levels of coverage, etc. Rates and availability subject to change.)

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satisfied customer from Garage Insurance Now.com“You helped us to fulfill our insurance needs and at a great price – we wouldn’t change companies." Kagarise, Littlestown, PA

satisfied customer from Garage Insurance Now.com“Thanks for your service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for reliable insurance." Shildt, Littlestown, PA

satisfied customer from Garage Insurance Now.com“You have a great staff, cheap rates and are always understanding… Thanks for the a great service." Treadway, Hanover, PA

satisfied customer from Garage Insurance Now.com“What a great surprise when we got our Auto Insurance at half the price we were previously paying! Thanks to your courteous staff!" Sheeler, Hanover, PA

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